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    SCAR vs MP5

    In this duel, we match up the SCAR versus the MP5. We realize they are totally different in range, fire rate and effectiveness. Yet still we ask the question and want you guys to decide which is best and why below. More

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    SCAR vs AUG-A3

    Rapid fire showdown! In this face-off we want to know which you think is better, the SCAR or the AUG-A3. We ask the question and let you as fans decide which is best and back up your opinion in the comments below. More

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    RS9 vs M2010

    Long range target rifles are up for debate on which is best.  While you may never get to shoot these, you may still know information about them. And for those that have, please let us know below which you prefer and why on this gun duel between the RS9 and M2010.   More

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    MP41 vs MP18

    Classics. These wood stock sub machine guns have had their uses throughout history. We leave it to you to vote and debate about which one is better and why; the MP-41/44 or the MP-18?   More

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    MP4 vs SAINT

    Both of these AR Rifles are a great time to shoot. Reliable and consistent, we want to know which one you think is the best.  Cast your vote and tell us why; whether its the design, mechanics or something else. More

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    Mac10 vs Jatimatic

    Some unique submachine guns are up for voting. While you may never get your hands on one don’t let it stop you from voicing your opinion on which is best, the MAC10 or the Jatimatic? More

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    M1911 vs Luger

    Pistol duel! We know most users will claim this is not even a comparison but we want to hear out both sides of the debate and why!  So vote below for which classic pistol you feel is best and why below. More

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    M82 vs AS-50

    Long range face off! Which one do you think wins? Cast your vote below for the all famous Barrett M82 (miniature M82 model here) or the AS-50 sniper rifles. More

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    HK416N vs SG551

    We want to know which rifle you think is best, the HK-416N or the SG-551?  Cast your vote and tell us why below. More

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    F2000 vs MX4

    While most of us won’t get the chance to shoot these unique firearms, we still want to know whom you think is best. It can be based off of looks, stats or what you already know about the rifle. Cast your vote and tell us why below. More

  • CZ-805 vs AK-47

    Up for your voting is the greatest classic of all time, the AK-47 versus the Bren S1 carbine, CZ-805. Is it a fair duel or not even a battle? Vote below and tell us why you choose the one you did in the comments. More

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