Assault Rifle (4/20)

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In many ways, the Assault Rifle is the campaign-equivalent of the Battle Rifle. It’s not incredibly cool or powerful, but you can always rely on it for consistent damage when all else fails. Unless you’re playing Halo 2, you’ll usually off with an assault rifle in campaign levels. We have a lot of love for the iconic MA5B Assault Rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved, but each Assault Rifle in Halo is usually worthwhile.

When it comes to Halo, there are a lot of automatic weapons. Only a select few are quite as iconic as the Assault Rifle. Sure, you could grab an SMG and Plasma Rifle combo for some effective damage, but there are few guns as satisfying to use as the Assault Rifle. It’s accurate, consistent, and reliable, and we can’t count the number of aliens we’ve killed with it over the years.


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