M1 Garand (1/21)

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Known as the Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised by General George S Patton, the M1 Garand was an eight shot semi-automatic rifle that fired the .30-06 Springfield round. The big advantage to the M1 Garand over other rifles of the time was the fact that it was a semi-automatic whereas most other services rifles were bolt action. While the Soviets did use the SVT-40 and the Germans the STG44 and Gewehr 43, each of those rifles were produced only in limited runs and the M1 Garand was the only primary service rifle of the war that was semi-automatic.


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  1. I was in Vietnam, where we used the M14 before the idiots in charge forced us into using the “toy” piece of junk M16.
    I had the M14, which was the grandson of the Garand rifle, until my second tour. I loved the M14. Better distance, better stopping power, Only had one jam in four years, and it was the ammo, not the rifle.

  2. Talk to those that carried this Gun that Won the War and they will tell you the M1 Garand is the greatest of all time. This should be the next firearm GOATGUNS makes.

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  4. I’ve owned a Grand for 25 years. Got it for 369 dollars. Heck of a deal. I even bought a second junk stock online and constructed a pistol grip stock for it which makes it a bit more fun to shoot. It was a Koran return.

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