Ruger 10/22 .22 LR (3/9)

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Plain and simple, no gun collection is complete without a .22 rifle of at least some kind. And what’s a better .22 rifle to get than the most popular and successful one ever made, the Ruger 10/22?

Originally produced in the 1960s and in continuous production since then, the 10/22 has sold millions of units and has several different variants. One of the most unique is the Takedown model, which will separate into two different halves and can be carried in the backpack as a more compact choice.

The 10/22 is also one of the most customizable guns ever made, and spare parts and accessories are in great abundance. Standard magazine capacity is 10 rounds, but longer 25 and 35 round magazines are also available as well. The 10/22 is also well known for being very reliable and accurate, and an overall very high quality rifle.


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Written by Nicholas