Which Fan Has The G.O.A.T Photo Skills?

Battle of the Goatgun Fan Photos

Our miniature toy gun models make for some dang good pictures.  Whether it’s with your pet, stuffed animal or yourself!  We have nearly seen it all at this point.

Here’s a batch of some fan photos (you can upload your own at the bottom) and I want you to Rank 50 of our top fans pics!


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  1. Gotta make an M14 & an M1 carbine (best assault rifles ever made!)
    I had the M14 in Nam & found it to be far superior to the M16 for my purposes.


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  1. I think this wooden mil.style boxes would be very cool. I’d buy one for each gun I bought. As far as a new model I would like to see the tripod mounted.50 cal. That would be very cool.
















  1. M60, M60, M60!!! This was the standard Armed Forces Machine gun from Viet Nam until the late 80’s when the SAW was introduced. Not to mention it is what RAMBO preferred


Josh crowder with Selfie USA










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  1. I was a machine gunner in Vietnam. Would love an M60 and an M2 .50 cal.
    Also an M1 carbine. Do it, do it, do it.


  2. When will you be making the M16a1 with the triangle handguards?
    There are a lot of us Viet Nam vets feeling left out in the cold!!

  3. M-60
    I see a couple of requests on here already. I am a nine year Veteran and served during the Cold War and Desert Storm. My weapon was the M-60. It was the perfect love-hate relationship, but I wouldn’t have wanted to carry anything else.

  4. Colt Single Action Army! That would be too cool for words. You guys have an amazing 1911 so now it’s time for the OG. Other guns from that time period would be awesome as well.

  5. You know what would be a great idea farther down the line? Making fictional guns from video games! I would totally buy a DMR from Halo or a Ray Gun from Call of Duty!

  6. OOOH i was super excited about seeing the mini SVD and 50cal Barrett (When i get the chance totally getting those two.) Is there any chance for the Mosin Nagant mini in the furture?

  7. I noticed that all your AR/M16 series models are carbine length barrels and hand guards. How about rifle length barrels and hand guards? Triangular, round and the aftermarket types.
    You could also do upper receivers with cast on carry handles and with or without the forward assist and brass deflector for each of the M16, M16A1 and M16A2 rifles. M16A4 can be done with your current receiver with rifle barrel and long hand guard. You already have M4A1, just need to include the right set of accessories.
    I think it would be cool to have each of these variants in my collection to show the history of M16 changes since 1964 to present. You could call them the MilSpec Series and sell all 5 of them as a package.

    • Hey David — spot on recommendations. We want to make the M16 right but it takes almost a full set of new molds. This will be something we do in the next 18 months along with some of your other requests.

  8. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the M40 variants available – the Vietnam era M40A1 through today’s suppressed M40A5.

  9. I think a needed new accessory is an OD green gear box/ foot locker ! Something to store all the Gun accessories in!

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